Course overview

This course covers understanding the desktop parent view of MyChildAtSchool ( MCAS) , configuring the various modules within MCAS to be visible to parents, creating and managing user accounts, dealing with user requested changes and MCAS reports.

You do not need to prepare anything for this course but to get the most from it, it should be taken after the Basics Course.

Please note: registration for parents has changed since we created this course. Please read:

If you wish to follow along during the videos on your own system, please work with your system administrator to ensure you have the correct roles and permissions to access all the items covered.

  • For this course you will need permissions to access the MCAS and framework modules.
  • The topics and lessons show which areas within the modules you will need access to in order to follow along with the course. For example in the Configuration topic you will see Assessment as a lesson - this process is in Config>MCAS>Assessment.
  • Within the framework module you will need access to students profile and student list page to include sending sms and email.

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